Luxury Chalet Megeve surrounded by French Alps

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Starting from 12.000 / Week
Listing ID: ID-8805
Beds: 4
Baths: 4
Tot. Rooms: n/d
Garage Parkings: 5
6 October 2016

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For this Property please contact: Alfiero Massimini

Telephone: +39 392 5071967

Property description

This luxury chalet Megeve boasts a unique location on the plateau du Mont d’Arbois, surrounded by majestic mountains of French Alps. This grand chalet Megeve takes its place at the heart of a charming “hameau” of old farmhouses and is only a few steps away from the sweeping and splendid Megeve ski slopes. From this chalet Megeve you can walk or ski to the slopes along a scenic path.


Luxury Chalet Megeve surrounded by French Alps – the Chalet Megeve

The luxury chalet Megeve is a state-of-the-art restoration. Indeed, the chalet Megeve is located in an authentic farmhouse that has been richly refurbished with a modern style that blends in harmoniously with the loft-like, sturdy wooden structure. Contact us for details.


Luxury Chalet Megeve surrounded by French Alps – the Living Area

The impressive loft space fuses elegance and alpine chic in the luxury chalet Megeve. The convivial dining space, the vast cement fireplace, two refined living rooms and the splendid Bulthaup kitchen all come together under the spectacular high ceiling of the loft-like great room of the chalet Megeve.


Luxury Chalet Megeve surrounded by French Alps– Entertainment

In the luxury chalet Megeve, a hand carved wooden staircase leads up to the mezzanine where tradition is united with technological comfort with a large flat screen TV, Bang and Olufsen stereo system with iPod connection, DVD library and lounge.


Luxury Chalet Megeve surrounded by French Alps – Accomodation

In a decor of elegant muted colors and snug furs, this chalet Megeve can welcome up to ten (10) guests in four luxurious bedrooms plus the mezzanine. The bathrooms follow the modern lines of the chalet Megeve. All linens are the finest Egyptian cotton, custom made, Pratesi and Ralph Lauren. Contact us to check availability and price!


Luxury Chalet Megeve surrounded by French Alps – Garden

The luxury chalet Megeve looks onto a ravishing garden that shares grounds with a delightful landmark chapel as well as onto an imposing and memorable mountainous scenery.


Luxury Chalet Megeve surrounded by French Alps – Position

From the chalet Megeve there is a beautiful path to the ski lifts just 2 minutes away! The surrounding slopes, located within the Mont Blanc massif – and extending to 445 km thanks to connections to neighbouring ski areas – are some of the most scenically attractive in the skiing world.


Luxury Chalet Megeve surrounded by French Alps – Included Services

The luxury chalet Megeve includes top level equipment: Wi-Fi ADSL, laundry room, ski room with boot and glove warmers and dryers. At the chalet Megeve you  also have a 5 car garage. Contact us for details!


Luxury Chalet Megeve surrounded by French Alps – Location & Landscape

This stunning luxury chalet Megeve is in one of world’s iconic ski destinations. Created by a Baroness of the famous Rothschild family a century ago as a French answer to St Moritz, it has always been synonymous with the best of everything. Nearby the chalet Megeve you’ll find a real Mecca for foodies, with many gourmet restaurants, including the only three-Michelin starred chef in the French Alps.


Luxury Chalet Megeve surrounded by French Alps – Dream Golf Course

Not far the luxury chalet Megeve, overlooking the village of Megève, at an average altitude of 1,320 metres, the 18-hole Megeve golf course at the Domaine du Mont d’Arbois is today one of the oldest stylized Alpine golf courses. The Mont d’Arbois Golf Course is the setting for numerous amateur and professional competitions, the most well-known being the Pro Am ‘Baronne Maurice de Rothschild’, the Clarke Trophy ‘Chefs’ Cup’, and the ‘Green Velvet-Domaine du Mont d’Arbois’. Contact us for further information.


Luxury Chalet Megeve surrounded by French Alps – Targeted Search

This luxury chalet in Megeve for rent doesn’t meet your needs? Contact us and we will make for you a targeted search!


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74120 Megève, Francia - Lat.45.856876; Long.6.617750000000001
Position is indicative and doesn't match with property's address.