Luxury chalet Livigno for rent in the heart of Italian Alps

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Starting from 4.500 / Week
Listing ID: ID-8538
Beds: 2
Baths: 2
Tot. Rooms: n/d
6 October 2016

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For this Property please contact: Alfiero Massimini

Telephone: +39 392 5071967

Property description

Elegant and luxurious Alpine chalet Livigno for rent in the heart of Italian Alps, featuring Ski lodges and Ski apartments, perfect either in winter and in summer. If you love skiing, mountain bike riding, trekking and… the Alps, this chalet Livigno for rent is for you!


Exquisite luxury chalet Livigno – the Chalet

The chalet Livigno attractiveness is based on the simple elegance of its two brand new luxury Ski lodges harmoniously matching with a breathtaking beautiful natural environment. In the chalet Livigno you find your solution to enjoy an enriching and rewarding experience on Italian Alps!


Exquisite luxury chalet Livigno – the Apartments

Each apartment of chalet Livigno has been designed by an internationally renowned architect and features the most modern technologies, such as lift from the garage straight into your apartment, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath and a fully equipped gym. Details such as heated garage and heatered cupboards for your ski boots give the best comfort that an ultramodern lodge designed for skiers can offer.


Exquisite luxury chalet Livigno – the Rooms

The apartments of chalet Livigno consist of 2 bedrooms with 1/2 bathrooms, 4 bed +1, fully equipped laundry room, LDC TV 33′, Satellite SKY, Internet connection with Wi-Fi, Ski and mountain bike deposit, maid service (upon request), and covered & heated parking.


Exquisite luxury chalet Livigno – the SPA & Wellness area

The chalet Livigno features a SPA & Wellness common area with indoor heated pool with Jacuzzi and idroget, gym equipment and machines, cross trainer, cardio fitness tapis roulant, turkish bath, sauna, fitness strenght, cyclette. This chalet Livigno offers all 5 stars comforts!


Exquisite luxury chalet Livigno  – Position

The chalet in Livigno, in an unique and magnificent natural location, enjoys a pleasantly intimate atmosphere, first class service and structures. And the limited number of rooms in the chalet in Livigno guarantees top level exclusivity and privacy. 


Exquisite luxury chalet Livigno – Location & Landscape

The luxury chalet in Livigno is located in northern Italy, in the central Italian Alps, a few kilometers from Switzerland and the famous Saint Moritz town. Furthermore, Livigno is renowned as one of the few European duty free zones: great for shopping and eating out in tax-free first class restaurants!


Exquisite luxury chalet Livigno – Dream Locations

The chalet in Livigno is in a pristine natural landscape. Together with neighbouring Trepalle, an attractive Ski location, Livigno is today a premium-level Alpine holiday Ski resort. To better understand the importance of Ski for the chalet in Livigno, please consider the 3 pillars of the local Alpine economy: forests, pastures and… snow!


Exquisite luxury chalet Livigno – Livigno Ski

The chalet in Livigno is nearby modern and fast Ski lifts in Livigno, leading to the Ski slopes. Livigno, thanks to its geographical location, has a ski season that starts from November until early May. That’s why snow lovers prefer Livigno, with over 115 km of perfectly groomed slopes and downhills to suit all tastes. From the chalet in Livigno and its apartments you have at disposal no less than 12 black runs, 37 red and 29 blue!


Exquisite luxury chalet Livigno – Livigno Golf

Golfers near the chalet in Livigno have a Golf Training Area which consists of different areas: 2 Pitch & Putt, 1 Driving Range and 3 green, each one with 3 different starters for a total of 9 different holes.


Exquisite luxury chalet Livigno – Targeted Search

This chalet in Livigno for rent doesn’t meet your needs? Contact us and we will make for you a targeted search!


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23030 Livigno SO, Italia - Lat.46.538636; Long.10.135731899999996
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