Luxury villa Lake Garda on the beach of Sirmione

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Listing ID: ID-14222
Beds: 5
Baths: 5
Tot. Rooms: n/d
House sqm: 800
Garden sqm: 4000
Conditions: Nuovo
Energy Efficiency Rating: A
23 April 2017

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For this Property please contact: Alfiero Massimini

Telephone: +39 392 5071967

Property description

Stunning luxury villa Lake Garda on the Sirmione beach. This property with top quality finishings is a real jewel. A rare waterfront top luxury villa Lake Garda for the few ones who can afford to live in a very exclusive luxurious house on the beach.


Luxury villa Lake Garda on the beach of Sirmione – Top Luxury

This recently built, modern, luxury villa Lake Garda is located right on the beach of Sirmione. A true combination of luxury and elegance which features all the modern commodities that only a top luxury property like this could offer. This villa is an authentic masterwork for a very few people who can afford to live in a distinctive cosy home. Contact us for info.


Luxury villa Lake Garda on the beach of Sirmione – Garden

The beautiful garden, with a stunning 4,000 sqm surface, is enriched by beautiful flowers, flowerbeds, and trees. The outdoor living area of this property is finely furnished with sun-beds and sofas for relaxing under the Italian sun. In the villa there is also a very well equipped outdoor kitchen with gazebo and a large table. The outdoor dining area is fully climatized, so you can eat ‘al fresco’ even in the Summer hot weather.


Luxury villa Lake Garda on the beach of Sirmione – Swimming Pool

A wonderful swimming pool enriches the lush garden in front of majestic villa façade. The views overlook Lake Garda, which offers a spectacular and enchanting landscape.


Luxury villa Lake Garda on the beach of Sirmione – A Masterpiece

Just like a masterpiece, this villa offers a luxurious lifestyle with the finest details. Every corner of the house is an authentic revelation, that luxury living lovers really appreciate. Indoor, this stunning villa offers very large surfaces, bright rooms and very elegant furnishings featuring the highest level of quality. This luxury villa Lake Garda is a mix of contemporary interior design with a very elegant classical style. All rooms enjoy refined colors and top level finishes. Contact us for arrange a visiting!


Luxury villa Lake Garda on the beach of Sirmione – Prestigious Details

This prestigious luxury villa Lake Garda is designed to satisfy even the most demanding needs in terms of comfort and wellness. The property features many elements of prestige like selected floorings, gold plated capitals, crystal chandeliers, paintings and objects of art. The house is fully equipped with the most advanced and functional ‘Domotic’ building automation system.


Luxury villa Lake Garda on the beach of Sirmione – Basement

The villa also features a semi-basement area with a spectacular wine cellar, a SPA & Wellness area, a very well equipped gym, and a large garage able to host 6-7 large cars.


Luxury villa Lake Garda on the beach of Sirmione – Keeper Home

This prestigious luxury villa on the Lake Garda shores includes a keeper home with an independent apartment with living room, kitchenette, bedroom and bath room. In this house the keeper lives all year, so your villa is always guarded.


Luxury villa Lake Garda on the beach of Sirmione – Sirmione

This luxury villa Lake Garda is located in Sirmione, one of the most stunning locations of Italy. Sirmione is the most prestigious location and one of the most popular Lake Garda destinations. The ‘Grotte di Catullo’ (Roman Villa’s ruins) and the Middle Age castle show that, for centuries, Lake Garda and Sirmione have been the favorite destination for wealthy families and historical figures. Contact us for viewing this villa.


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Via Achille Grandi, 19, 25019 Sirmione BS, Italia - Lat.45.46981306550044; Long.10.59675352127374
La posizione è indicativa e non coincide con l'indirizzo dell'immobile