Villa Bardolino Lake Garda 36,000 sqm park & vineyards

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Listing ID: ID-9608
Beds: 7
Baths: 4
Tot. Rooms: 25
House sqm: 380
Park sqm: 36,128 of which 16,501 vineyards and 13,318 olive trees
Garage Parkings: 2
Parkings Outdoor: 6
Energy Efficiency Rating: G
13 March 2015

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For this Property please contact: Alfiero Massimini

Telephone: +39 392 5071967

Property description

Villa Bardolino Lake Garda, stunning and exclusive, set on a hill in a dominant panoramic position. With beautiful 180° lake view, from Sirmione to Punta San Vigilio. This villa Bardolino Lake Garda is surrounded by an awesome fully fenced park of 36,128 sqm. Of which 16,501 sqm of “Bardolino D.O.C.” vineyards and 13,318 sqm of olive trees, a large panoramic swimming pool with SPA & Wellness area and gym.


Villa Bardolino Lake Garda – the Property

The villa Bardolino includes the main luxury house on one floor, for a total of 380 sqm plus additional 390 sqm of terraces and porches. The villa features 7 bed rooms, 4 bath rooms, a very large living area, dining room, kitchen, dinette, another living room used as library. And a stunning heated outdoor pool with SPA & Wellness area, and gym. In the basement area of the villa Bardolino there is a very large garage and a well equipped laundry. In the park of the villa Bardolino there are other buildings used to store agricultural tools. They could be demolished to use the cubage to further extend the main villa in Bardolino. Contact us for further details!


Villa Bardolino Lake Garda – Vineyards, olive trees and garden

The villa in Bardolino Lake Garda is protected by 36,128 sqm of land subdivided in different areas. Private garden with lawn around the villa, 16,501 sqm of  vineyards with “Bardolino D.O.C.” grapes, 13,318 sqm of olive trees. As well as an orchard and vegetable garden. The park around the villa in Bardolino also includes some sheds suitable for storing tools needed for land management.


Villa Bardolino Lake Garda – Heated pool and SPA & Wellness area

The villa in Bardolino also comprises a large SPA & Wellness area with a huge heated swimming pool (that can be covered in winter), gym with fitness equipment, sauna and solarium. Contact us for information!


Villa Bardolino Lake Garda – Distances

Villa in Bardolino Lake Garda – Distance from Bardolino: 3,7 Km
Villa in Bardolino Lake Garda – Distance from the Affi A22 (Brenner-Modena) highway exit: 4,7 Km
Villa in Bardolino Lake Garda – Distance from Verona: 34,0 Km
Villa in Bardolino Lake Garda – Distance from Verona Airport: 30,1 Km


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Str. Campazzi, 37011 Bardolino VR, Italia - Lat.45.53923880250436; Long.10.741895603857415
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