Waterfront villa Desenzano del Garda Italy

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Listing ID: 588
Beds: 4
Baths: 4
Tot. Rooms: 14
House sqm: 550
Garden sqm: 800
Garage Parkings: 1
Parkings Outdoor: 4
No. Floors: 3
Built in: 1930
Terraces sqm: 115
29 August 2018

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For this Property please contact: Alfiero Massimini

Telephone: +39 392 5071967

Property description

Waterfront villa Desenzano del Garda Italy built in the ’30s and belonged to a Swiss banker, richly and tastefully restored. This waterfront villa Desenzano is a very prestigious and estremely rare property (at Lake Garda, a waterfront villa Desenzano for sale is almost impossible to find).


Waterfront villa Desenzano del Garda – Position

This waterfront villa Desenzano is ideally located in a very hard to find “pied dans l’eau” lake front location, including a beach direct access and private boat shed (you’ve right to make a slide to put the boat in water). A really stunning waterfront villa Desenzano del Garda! Contact us for further details.


Waterfront villa Desenzano del Garda – the Villa

This waterfront villa Desenzano of the 30s, lavishly restored with three years of work, allows you to intensely live all the emotions that Lake Garda is able to offer. The large living room of this waterfront villa is situated directly on Lake Garda, giving different sensations every time you look out the window. Also all the bedrooms of the waterfront villa enjoy a stunning lake view and, from your bed, you can almost touch the water! At Lake Garda a waterfront villa like this is a true rarity.


Waterfront villa Desenzano del Garda – Finishings

For the restoration of this waterfront villa Desenzano del Garda have been carefully selected the highest quality materials, skillfully used by the architect to give the house a pleasantly contemporary and modern look. The sleeping area of this waterfront villa is paved with precious brushed oak flooring and the master bathroom is finished with Bisazza mosaics with inserts in 24 carat gold. It is a waterfront villa of great value, for those who really love beautiful and exclusive things. A must see!


Waterfront villa Desenzano del Garda – Direct access to lake

This waterfront villa Desenzano del Garda offers lucky owners a lake view at 180°, direct and private access at Lake Garda, to the beach, private dock with covered boat shed, which can accommodate a boat with dimensions of a Riva Aquarama. You have the right to make a slife to put the boat in the water from the boat shed. Contact us for information.


Waterfront villa Desenzano del Garda – Targeted Search

This waterfront villa Desenzano del Garda doesn’t meet your needs? Contact us and we will make for you a targeted search!


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Via Antonio Gramsci, 78, 25015 Desenzano del Garda BS, Italia - Lat.45.4714531; Long.10.533335099999931
Position is indicative and doesn't match with property's address.